Three Point Shoot Out – Red, White & Blue BBQ
Three Point Shoot Out Are you a baller?

where to buy Pregabalin online Sign up bellow to join the 3-Point Competition.

By entering into the Red, White, & Blue 3 Point Shootout, I agree to the following:
1) I understand that this is a voluntary, physical, sports related activity and that I am participating with the understanding that the potential for injury in such activities exists.
2) That The 2026 Foundation (host of the Red, White, & Blue BBQ) is a charitable organization and that I do not hold it responsible for any injuries that may occur as a result of my voluntary participation in this event.
3) I am either 18 years of age or above, or have the consent of a parent or guardian to participate in this event.
4) That this is a charitable competition, not sponsored or sanctioned by any athletic governing or regulatory body, and that the competition is in the spirit of community and fun.
5) Final competition format, rules, and schedule will be provided prior to the start of the event.
6) There is a $5 per person registration fee for the 3 Point Shoot-out, collectible at the event.
7) The 3 Point Shoot-out begins at 1:00 PM Central Time on August 19, 2017. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early.

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