BBQ Registration – Red, White & Blue BBQ
BBQ Registration

go to link Love to grill? Think your technique is better than anyone else’s? Sign up for one of the four categories and put your skills to the test! Grill at your home or bring your rig tailgate style to Crossfit Champions. All entries will be judged by the first responders attending the event, but make sure to make enough for your neighbors and new friends to sample! One winner will be chosen for each category. Bragging rights and a small cash prize will be on the line so don’t hesitate! Grilling slots will go quickly! We are working on getting donations, but the more generous you are, the better your food will taste because the best is always made with love!

buy Pregabalin online uk There will be 4 competition categories:

  • Brisket
  • Pork Shoulder
  • Chicken
  • Ribs

buy modafinil ebay Categories may be narrowed down or eliminated based on participation and interest.

You are responsible for providing your own meat, which will be donated to the event to help provide meals for participants.

Our local first responders will have the honor of being the judges, so make sure you bring your A game!

Once a submission is made to the judges, the rest of the BBQ will be up for sale to our guests and friends.

We recommend bringing pickup truck, a couple fold up tables, and a pop up tent to serve from. We’re making this a tailgate party!

If you want to join the competition, fill out the form below to register. Space is limited!

By entering into the Red, White, & Blue BBQ competition, I agree to the following:
1) That I will prepare my bbq competition meats and foods to temperatures adequate for human consumption, and to allow The 2026 Foundation to take temperature readings of any submitted food to ensure all submitted and donated food is of adequate and proper cooking temperature and method.
2) To provide my own meats for the competition, and that my prepared meats are to be donated to the The 2026 Foundation and The Red, White, & Blue BBQ and all revenues generated from the sale of this food belongs to The 2026 Foundation and The Red, White, & Blue BBQ.
3) That this is an individual bbq competition, not sanctioned by any official BBQ competition organization, and is intended to raise charitable funds in the spirit of fun and friendly community competition.
4) That The 2026 Foundation (host of the Red, White, & Blue BBQ) is a charitable organization and that I do not hold it responsible for any injuries that may occur as a result of my voluntary participation in this event.
3) I am either 18 years of age or above, or have the consent of a parent or guardian to participate in this event.
5) There are no fees for entering the BBQ competition.
6) BBQ Competition final times and details will be provided to you prior to the event starting.
7) The BBQ Competition will begin at approximately 2:00 PM with food service beginning at 2:30 PM on August 19, 2017. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early.